Time for a new start?
Time for a new you?
Time to let go of an ADDICTION?

Addictions are when you have no control over what you are doing, taking of using something to the point it can be harmful to you. To remove addictions you will gain a healthy mind, body and soul. 
Prices are based on per session (PS). Sessions last up to 2 hours and 30 minute.


Do you secretly smoke? Do you wish you didn't smoke? Does the nicotine control you?


Did you start to take drugs to heal and numb those negative traumatic experiences? Do you know it is time to stop, reflect, take control and heal? 


Have people noticed you drink too much? Do you hide alcohol? Do you know you have a problem and are committed to stopping? 


Are you betting on more than you have or can lose? Are your trying to win back the money you have lost? Has your gambling caused problems within your family and amongst your friends? Do others say you have a problem, but you do not think you do?


Are you obsessed with your work to the point that you are physically exhausted? Your family life, relationship and social life are affected. You are thinking about work all the time? You feel as if you have to work lots of hours to be successful? 


Are you buying things you do not need and want to achieve a buzz; that is quickly followed by feelings of guilt, shame as despair?

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