Brave Butterfly Publishers 

I am excited to announce I have written my first book. It is for children who suffer from social emotional mental
health and have Special Educational Needs. It helps children to express how they are feeling and what support they require; as well as helping the adults to understand their frustrations.
I was inspired to write the book on National Book day when I could not find a book that related to my children's achievements in my ASC/SEMH school setting where I was a Headteacher. 
The book reached number one in the books chart on the 30th November, I was very proud of myself!!

The Rainbow Within 

Zara has a range of special educational needs and disabilities (ASC/SEMH). Zara takes a journey of self-discovery and learns how to express herself emotionally so that she can be more accepting of herself and can guide others on how to support her. She meets several magical butterflies that give her great advice,  she embraces and begins to trusts the belief systems within her.

I intend to write a range of books to support neurodivergent children to be accepted and understood in society. The books facilitate conversations, creating safe places for children, young people and adults to discuss and
implement appropriate strategies. As a result, improve their mental health and well-being.
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The Rainbow within Stepping stones lead to great endings

The new book I am writing is to help children to understand the true journey of unconditional love parents have.  It is about the struggles of parenthood and how complicated the simplest of tasks can be. I always say, parents are the best advocates for their children. I hope each parent has a champion advocate for them.