Client Confidentiality 

This is a very important aspect of the relationship and everything that is discussed with me in your ETCS is kept in the strictest confidence.  I will not disclose  your name or anything that would enable you to be identified.  I may keep brief notes after a session, which will be securely stored. Occasionally I might want to make an audio recording of your session for the purpose of monitoring , but this would only occur with your prior knowledge and permission. Again these data are securely stored and destroyed after use.  Therefore in line with client confidentiality, I have used the feedback and omitted the names to maintain confidentiality. 

Client Feedback 

Professional Patients

  • “I am no longer going to let the imposter, limit my beliefs”.  VK (Barrister)
  • “You have helped shape my dreams, coached me through interviews and made my dreams reality. Without you I would have been stuck, like I have been for the last ten years”. SA (Lawyer)
  •  “I cannot believe the change in my leadership team, I have been at it for 7 years! Thank you, they have so much respect for you and talk highly of you. They are motivated and walk into my office, with their agendas. I am not sure how to take the change, thank you!”. HA (Headteacher)
  • ” This is the best I have ever felt, I am happy, happier than I have ever been. I don’t think you realise how depressed I was with the breaking of my relationship, a house moves, a new baby and a new job. Thank you”. KS (Teacher)
  • “I don’t know what voodoo you have done on me, but I am a changed person, I look in the mirror and see a new me, I cry with happiness, thank you.” AS (Office manager)
  • “Shazia is skilled at picking out key information and challenges me to consciously be aware of my unconscious thoughts. She has given me tool kits to be a reflective leader and being aware of my internal thoughts, that impact on the external world and the actions I take. HH(Headteacher of an International Independent school) 
  • Staff well-being sessions, it’s nice to have some time to work on me and it impacts on my role. I am communicating more effectively.
  •  I have suffered from that migraine for over a week and I felt the tension being released. I can’t feel anything, it is weird and wonderful. CW (Parent Liaison)

 Community Patients

  • I haven’t had that pain in my ankle disappear since being pregnant! It feels great to walk normally again. AK (Secondary School Parent) 
  • I am so relaxed now, I have brain space to concentrate.  TP - aged 14
  • I have different tools to help me cope when I feel anxious. BO - aged 15
  • I didn’t believe this would work, but within two sessions I am a firm believer that alternative therapies work! I can feel my pain significantly less, it doesn’t irritate me and sometimes I do not feel it at all.  SW  (Secondary School Parent) 
  • I can’t feel the problems anymore. I am nice and empty. JP parent. 
Private Guided Meditation Sessions
  • I feel relaxed, calm and light headed.  I am feeling the freedom (June 2021).