Social Emotional Mental Health and Well-being Specialist 

My passion in wanting to understand how to improve behaviour, communication and develop  positive mindsets began in 1995 when I was a probation officer. I later went on to be a successful Head teacher of a Primary Pupil Referral Unit, a Secondary School for Looked After Children in Care and a through School for ASC/SEMH children (7-17years).  All children required Social, Emotional, Mental Health support and had a diagnosis of Special Educational Needs and disabilities.
I invested in my professional development and attended certified training courses that interested me and the current climate in education (Psychology Diploma, Neurodiversity, Mental Heath First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the work place, Asperger's and Autism and Trauma practices).  With this vast amount of experience and knowledge, I continue to provide training packages to schools and organisations.

I enjoy supporting schools raising standards in Behaviour and Attitudes knowing it always has an impact on improving Personal Development, the Quality of Education and Leadership and Management.

I am currently providing training to clusters and schools on: 
  1. Understanding the Neurodiversity in the school setting (Impact of brain function on ADHD, dyslexia, Trauma, PTSD etc.)
  2. Building a Trauma Informed School with certification to deliver Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) in partnership with Alan Johnson.
  3. Investing in NLP communication to improve behaviour.
  4. How to meet the needs of ASC children in the mainstream setting, creating Sanctuary Hubs.
  5. Creating a structured approach to Staff Well-being and safeguarding the mental health of the school community. 
Bespoke training packages are collaboratively designed to meet individual schools/cluster needs. Please contact to discuss your requirements.  

Working in schools and organisations 

twilights and INSETs

For SENcos, PastoraL staff, support staff, Lunch supervisors behaviour leaders, whole School, Senior Leadership teams.
Primary School 

Behaviour and Attitudes (Consultancy days)

Understanding how NLP can improve communication

SEND Consultant

Barrowford Primary School 
Understanding how NLP can improve communication with children, staff and the whole school community
Mill School primary and secondary 

Building Trauma informed practice enriched with Therapy

Quality Assurance (QA) working party:  QA of education across 13 ASC/SEMH school settings using the  Ofsted Framework

kedleston group 

Understanding how NLP can improve communication

Building Trauma Informed schools

ASC working party: Reviewing, evaluating and shaping practice across all 13 schools

one voice - charity organisation 

Upskilling  young female adults to take control of their emotions and behaviours to be better communicators using NLP (8 week project)

Trauma support for children and families  

Guided meditation 

1:1 Therapy for Children and Young People  (school and home)

1:1 Family Therapy (Supporting Social, Care, Health and Education)

Current Training 

Staff wellbeing 

Understanding Neuro divergent needs to raise learning standards

Supporting Autistic Children in the school setting

Creating ASC Sanctuary spaces

SENCO support 

Building Trauma Informed Schools using IEMT
  • explore sensitive issues
  • improve communication, connection and cultures within the setting
  • improve your work through empowerment 
  • discover new insights and perspectives

Client feedback 

Neurodiversity INSET Feedback -

Thank you so much for the training, children's mental health is a huge passion of mine, and I really do wish that more training like this was available in mainstream schools. So many children are easily labelled because no one truly understands their deeper needs.  I found the brain map with the various functions extremely useful. I will be changing my teaching style, by allowing children time to self regulate.
AM- Primary Teacher

It has given me time to reflect on how our pupils think and function. To see how the brain works was really interesting to me and I would like to explore that further.  It gives me an understanding of how children think. 
DJ - Secondary Teacher

Thank you a very empowering session.  I thoroughly enjoyed understanding elements and functions of the brain. I feel the information provided will enable me to understand and support my non verbal children much more. I will focus on improving my teaching practice by using the brain function to plan, this will give me a better insight  for each child and what to put into place in the classroom to ensure that neurodiversity is effectively implemented so that anxiety/behaviours are reduced. 
KS - Early years/Primary Teacher

Tasks were stimulating and engaging and gave me a contextual understanding of the setting. 
SP - Secondary Teacher

Headteacher coaching sessions 
The coaching that I have received from Shazia has been nothing short of life changing. Wounds that ran so deep and blocked me from moving on in my life have been healed and she has provided with strategies that have not only helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a successful school Principal, but have enabled me to really enjoy every aspects of my life. Shazia, I cannot thank you enough. 
HH - Principal (Google  review)       
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