Mental Health Matters

"I was an angry person for such a long time and it became consuming.
I have space in my head. My family have noticed a huge difference, especially my wife.  I am seeing things from others points of view. It is has been 24 years since I have felt my inside smile*.             BP - August 2021

What does a Communications
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Therapist do?

NLP approaches produce fast, lasting results and improves understanding of cognitive and behavioural patterns; as well as building effective communication between the conscious and unconscious processes. This helps you increase creativity and problem-solving skills. 

By assisting you to examine your internal life map, I can help you find and strengthen the skills that serve you the best. I can assist you in developing new strategies to replace ineffective ones.  

At the end of your  session you will have had time to reflect on your thoughts and behaviours' to gain new desired outcomes. You will feel confident and use a new conscious way of communicating to bring about positive changes to your life. You will leave with a range of tool kits that will help support you be the best version of you!
NLP Tool Kit
  • Time Line
  • Circle of Influence 
  • Meditation
  • Perceptual positions
  • Museum of memories
  • Parts 
  • Torch Beam
  • Trance states 
  • Submodalities 
  • Communication Model 
  • Mercedes Model 

NLP meditation walks

Some clients that feel anxious and claustrophobic enjoy receiving their therapy/coaching sessions in the great outdoors.

The outdoor guided meditation sessions bring peace, light and tranquillity into souls that find it difficult to achieve that sense of stillness.

NLP therapy/coaching session for individuals and couples

Are you juggling with
  1. Stress?
  2. Low self esteem?
  3. Lack of motivation?
  4. Lack of boundaries?
  5. Unhealthy habits?
  6. No/lack directions?
  7. Anxiety/depression?
  8. Lack of purpose?
  9. Not being understood?
  10. Procrastination?
  11. Confidence?
  12. Communication?
  13. Imposter syndrome?
  14. Toxic memories that will not leave you alone?
  15. Re-visiting/re-playing arguments?                                                                                           the endless list......

Enquire about coaching or therapy sessions to improve:
  • resilience
  • relationships
  • performance
  • gain an understanding of what your unconscious mind is telling you
  • how to positively act and react when old/new situations re/occur
  • your mental heath and wellness
  •  taking greater responsibility in  situations
  • communication skills and take control your life
  • how to be a partner in a relationship

NLP Process 

Use the link below.
I will send you a Client Form (CF).
I will call you to discuss the CF. We will arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.
The cost of the NLP appointment is £150 per session (up to 1 hour and 30 mins).Couples NLP Therapy is £300 per session (up to 3 hours).
A deposit is required before the appointment please.
Therapy can be received face to face or via an online platform.

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